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The WordPress Security Update is a set of plugins and other security related updates that help protect your…

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The WordPress Security Update is a set of plugins and other security related updates that help protect your WordPress site from hackers and others with malicious intent.  This update requires that we have access to your hosting account and an administrative account on WordPress (in most cases we already do).

We do the following:

  • When possible, a site host virus scan (this requires access to your hosting account and that your hosting account has provisioned a virus scanning tool)
  • Update the .htaccess rules to reduce the opportunity for most hacks to be successful in the first placeWhat is .htaccess?  It’s a file located in the directory where your website files are located.  It acts as a first-line-of-defense to protect your site.  It also does other things like makes sure your URLs are pretty for people to read and search engines to crawl.
  • Modify your login URL (when possible) to reduce the chance of hacker being able to even attempt to hack into your site
  • Add a scanner that alerts us when there are potential security issues
  • Updates you WordPress site and its plugins to be current (one time update.  For regular updates, please purchase a support subscription.

Wait!! isn’t my site already protected?

It’s a continual game of cat and mouse.  When your site was set up, it was most likely set up with the most up-to-date tools at the time.  This security scan updates those tools and adds a few new ones.

Hackers are always looking for new ways to get to your site.  When they do, they can steal passwords, put malware on your site so you infect visitors, or even deface your site.

And, even with these tools in place, we can’t 100% guarantee that a hacker can’t get in.  We can only do our best to block every known pathway and make it as difficult as possible for them.  If it’s too much effort, they’ll often give up and move on to a less difficult target.

This is a one-time security review.  For regular reviews and updates, please sign up for a support subscription.

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