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Appointments+ is powerful, flexible and feature-rich plugin that allows you to accept, set and manage your bookings on…

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Appointments+ is powerful, flexible and feature-rich plugin that allows you to accept, set and manage your bookings on your site.

Do you constantly swap between your website and your appointment booking system, juggling calls and missing new clients who fall through the cracks?

Ditch your diary and save a fortune in time and money with Appointments +

Buy this to use our developre license for your WPMU Plugin for 12 months.  It’s less expensive that buying the plugin yourself (as you’ll still need to renew it annually to keep it updated).

About Themes and Plugins

We purchases developer rights to various themes and plugins that may help power your site. Theme and Plugin developers put in a lot of time and effort to develop these themes and plugins. We pay them for their efforts.

Concierge support includes the right to use these themes and plugins.  Some themes and plugins have a one-time charge to use it indefinitely, others require annual fees to be able to upgrade.

Your first year is included with your project.

If you choose to not use Concierge Support, then your themes and plugins will not be able to be updated until you purchase a license.  You do not need to update your themes and plugins, but it is always recommended.

Protospace offers the use of our developer license for various plugins and themes that include the use of ElegantThemes Themes, Gravity Forms forms and WPMU plugins and themes. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year over purchasing memberships or updating the themes yourselves.

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