Why Paid Site Support?

Q: I’m already paying for web hosting, why is website support necessary?

A: Hosting is paid to a hosting company and covers the cost of keeping a website up and running on their servers. Web site support is different. Website support means somebody is looking at your site on a regular basis to make sure it’s functioning properly. Web hosting is mostly automated. Website support cannot be – you need someone watching your site to make sure it’s not being hacked, that it’s up-to-date (important for security) and that there aren’t any issues or problems with it. It requires a person to look at the front end and back end.

Q: Why does it cost what it does? Website support seems a little expensive compared to site hosting.

A: It requires time to review the site. Not all plugins are compatible with new site updates. Reviewing security logs requires somebody who understands what is in them. For a month of basic support, it’s less than the cost of a tank of gas.


Complimentary Support includes:

  • Submit support tickets for updates, changes and other issues
  • Access to the online Q & A
  • News and information about web sites and hosting that may help you.

The Complimentary Support level does not included updates, modifications, content updates, new features, etc. These services will be billed as agreed upon.


This is the most basic support level designed to make sure your site is up-to-date with the most current stable releases. If you need more support, please consider one of the other levels.

The Supported level includes a monthly visit to your site to do the following:

  • Upgrade to the next stable major Wordpress release
  • Upgrade plugins to the next stable release that works on the site's current WordPress release.
  • Check to ensure all site functions are operating as expected.
  • When installed, review security plugin notices for any anomolies or issues.

The Supported level does not included content updates, new features, etc. If there are issues related to upgrades, they will be billed as extra services.

Additional services will be billed as agreed upon.

Support Plus

The Support Plus level includes everything in the Supported level with a twice monthly visit to your site and the following:

  • Minor content editing and updates (about 30 minutes worth per month)
  • Access to the Wordpress Tutorial Video Library
  • Up to 30 minutes / month of one-on-one phone support (by appointment)

The Supported level does not included major site changes, adding new features, etc. These are additional services will be billed as agreed upon.

Below is a sample video tutorial from the WordPress Video Tutorial Library:


[wpmudev-video video=”dashboard”]

Additional videos will be added, and you can request videos through a support ticket.

Concierge Support

Concierge Support is the premium support level. In addition to the all that's included in the other levels, it also includes the following:

  • Use of all premium/paid Protospace plugins & themes, including updates, without additional cost.
  • Priority ticket support (usually within 24 hours 6 days per week - Sunday is excluded)
  • At least weekly.
  • Make sure everything is always good.
  • If your email is on the same server, we'll assist you with your email accounts, too.
  • Assistance with updating content, adding features, etc.

Additional services will be billed as agreed upon.

About Themes and Plugins

We purchases developer rights to various themes and plugins that may help power your site. Theme and Plugin developers put in a lot of time and effort to develop these themes and plugins. We pay them for their efforts.

Concierge support includes the right to use these themes and plugins.  Some themes and plugins have a one-time charge to use it indefinitely, others require annual fees to be able to upgrade.

Your first year is included with your project.

If you choose to not use Concierge Support, then your themes and plugins will not be able to be updated until you purchase a license.  You do not need to update your themes and plugins, but it is always recommended.

Protospace offers the use of our developer license for various plugins and themes that include the use of ElegantThemes Themes, Gravity Forms forms and WPMU plugins and themes. This can save you hundreds of dollars each year over purchasing memberships or updating the themes yourselves.

Membership details:

Everyone should have a good backup. Your web host may, or may not, backup your entire site. With our Automated Whole Site Backups, powered by the reliable WPMU site backup service, you can rest assured that your site is backed up and read to be restored in case of disaster.

This subscription is available only on a monthly basis with recurring billing through PayPal. You will have up to 10 GB of storage space, which should be more than enough for your site. If you need more, we'll set up a larger plan for you (for a little more money).


News & Updates

Uber Flexible WP Theme

Divi is one of the most flexible Wordpress themes available. Create all sorts of custom layouts without knowing any code, or needing to code.

Divi WordPress Theme

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