New Backup Service!

Protospace Support is excited to announce a new backup service through the good people at WPMU. If you're not already a member of...

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WordPress 4.5 – Upgrade?

Many of you may have noticed that WordPress 4.5 has been released.  You may wonder if you should upgrade your site.  The short answer is NOT YET. New releases can have unexpected issues.  In fact, as I attempted to upgrade this very site to 4.5 I ran into an issue and...

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Hacked? Yes, It Happens!

This past week we saw a massive attack on WordPress sites.  Hackers, using automated tools, sought out WordPress sites (because of how many there are of them) and then exploited known weaknesses to place malware and in some cases take control of the site. I know of at...

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News & Updates

Uber Flexible WP Theme

Divi is one of the most flexible Wordpress themes available. Create all sorts of custom layouts without knowing any code, or needing to code.

Divi WordPress Theme

I'd recommend creating a child themes to get some additional customizations, like modify the footer. Let me know how I can help.